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God’s Ideal Idea

April 22, 2010

I want to live up to God’s ideal for me.  I believe that when He created me, He had an idea for me, a perfect idea not marred by any other motive but pure love for me.  His perfect idea flows directly into His perfect ideal as well.  The  purpose is finding God’s ideal for you.  It’s not easy, but once you find it, you will be in a place of complete peace.


–noun 1. any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity.

2. a thought, conception, or notion: That is an excellent idea.

3. an impression: He gave me a general idea of how he plans to run the department.

4. an opinion, view, or belief: His ideas on raising children are certainly strange.

5. a plan of action; an intention: the idea of becoming an engineer.


–noun 1.
a conception of something in its perfection.

2. a standard of perfection or excellence.

3. a person or thing conceived as embodying such a conception or conforming to such a standard, and taken as a model for imitation: Thomas Jefferson was his ideal.

4. an ultimate object or aim of endeavor, esp. one of high or noble character: He refuses to compromise any of his ideals.

7. conceived as constituting a standard of perfection or excellence: ideal beauty.
8. regarded as perfect of its kind: an ideal spot for a home.
Tonight I leave you with these definitions and I hope to add on to this post in the near future.
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