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A Woman After God’s Heart

Peaceful Beauty:

April 22, 2010

by robertsclan

I have been thinking a lot about modesty and how I  many times struggle to find clothes that are in my age group (smile) that are modest yet attractive.  I have come up with things I wear only for my husband and things I wear in public.  I try to ask myself the hard questions like;  Is it modest in God’s eyes?  Not the world’s, not my neighbor’s, not my friend’s…not even my own, but God’s eyes.  Have you ever known women that you are a little worried about bringing your man around because of the way they dress?   Have you ever been one of those women who like to get the guys attention because of the way you look? I don’t want to be one of those women!  I really don’t care if I sound out date and old fashioned on this issue!  It is important and this problem has been around for as long as we have.  I believe God takes this issue seriously as well.

If you get a chance take time to go to the following link:

Nancy Leigh DeMoss does an excellent and thorough job of brininging out all the relevant points on this issue.
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