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Really this is about me.  What I want to be, a better person in all areas of my life.  For me this cannot be achieved without God.  Trusting him to lead,  guide and inspire me on this great adventure called life.  I am eager and a little (ok very) scared to open up and share about the ways and areas God is calling me to improve in.  Here are a few of the categories:

As a christian- taking time every day for God

As a wife- making sure the house is clean, Jonathan has clean socks in his drawer etc. : )

As a mom- making sure not to neglect the important things like a simple hug and kiss and “I love you”, and teaching good habits that will go with them for the rest of their lives.

As a friend, sister,individual- Remeber the birthdays of those I care for with a card or a call. And to get my body in shape physically so I can be strong and live a healthy and productive life.  To watch my words as I tend to be blunt and say what I think before thinking through how my words could be taken.

As a Steward- To save money in all areas of our family budget, to use every resource given and provided wisely and frugally.

And the list goes on and on.

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