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Bless This Mess?

I am beginning my journey to a clean and organized house by joining  This website offers practical and extremely useful tips for cleaning and organizing your home as well as a 31 day game plan that tells you what to do  daily for 31 days.  I personally struggle in this area and sometimes don’t know where to start on my mess!  I have also purchased Wendy Jeub’s (mother of 15)  cookbooks  and other resouces of hers.  She is a member of flylady.  So today is a new day for me, the beginning of a CLEAN and ORGANIZED life and house. I can’t wait to get started!      

Day 1  Go Shine your sink







Time Elaspsed- 25 minutes    

Don’t worry if it takes you an hour a more, just get it done! 





FLY (Finally loving yourself)

Well, don’t you know that flying isn’t easy??!!  Ughhh puts it right out there.  I have been taking my lessons and amazingly they work!  And they take work too.  The day by day steps really are going to be the tools that get me where I want to be in regards to my home.

Day 1- Go Shine your sink. DONE

Day 2- Get dressed to lace up Shoes. DONE (This really works!!)

Day 3- Do what I have already done. Working on it everyday!

Day 4- Write these things down– DONE                                                                                                                                                        

  (Day 5-Write down what you hear.   WORKING ON IT.  

 Day 6- Hot Spots– DOING DAILY.

Day 7- Pick Out Your Clothes WORKING ON THIS.

Day 8- Get a 3 Ring binder and put paper in it-DONE

Day 9- Declutter a few minutes at a time. WORKING ON THIS

Day 10- You can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes. WORKING ON THIS

From now on I will try to do a daily posting for my “baby steps”.  I am doing these by date so today I am on day 10, tommorrow will be on day 11 etc.  This is a journey that is changing my life, my home and WOW, my confidence!!  For easy access I have included direct links for each of these steps so you can go directly to each of these pages at for a full description of the daily tasks.



       Ok, since my blog is about my life, I have to be honest. I have not really gone on from the last fly lady steps I posted.  I have however had a clean house and have implemented some of my own things that I have known needed to change.  I have done the laundry daily, and that helps!  I have shined my sink, not consistently but quite often, daily at least.  I have also seen my disaster zone (which used to be our entire home) shrink to a table and the kids rooms after they play.  I feel better about myself and it’s funny, when I feel down or depressed I get up and clean and that makes me feel better!  I have also utilized the timer and that has been a lifesaver.  For the first time in my entire marriage our bed has been made every morning!  I am conquering my mess, which honestly had conquered me.    

        The biggest change I have focused on this week has been the laundry.  With 7 of us this is no easy task.  I have found that putting a load in the washer in the morning and squeeking it in when I have a few minutes saves me from the MOUNTAIN.  I fold and hang it up as soon as the dryer is done, I put all the folded things directly into a basket instead of sorting it into different baskets like I used to or simply taking it from the dryer and shoving it into the basket unfolded.  I save the sorting for later.  I wait until I have two baskets full, then I take them to my room, and sort all the laundry into different piles then put it in the baskets and put it away right away.  If I do not put it away right away, it is there when we need to go to bed and that is NOT convenient!  So sorting it on my bed does 2 things.  1. It makes sure it get’s put away. 2. It keeps it out of the living room which is where I used to take it to fold and the “stray” things would sometimes stay on the couch for quite awhile.  I keep that mess out of the living room especially since our main access door opens directly into the living room.  Sorting the already folded laundry makes the task much simpler and helps me to want to do it more since I know all I have to do is sort, not fold and sort and hang clothes up.  It also keeps the clothes from being wrinkled and really needing ironed from sitting in the baskets.  Jonathan loves the fact that his socks and T-shirts are where he needs them and life is much easier for mama when she tries to get kiddies ready for the day, everything is where it needs to be!  No more empty drawers and full baskets! 

Sorting Laundry 
Laundry DONE! 
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  1. Tanya permalink
    March 31, 2010 12:16 pm

    Looks very good!

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